Customer Desk, EMEA
Jul 28, 2018

Human Resource, Knowledge & Operations

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Organization continued relied on in adequate decision of experienced professionals having knowledge in operations. These settlers having none or less knowledge in tactical and strategic ranges. These in adequate decisions pose new challenges in digital era supply chain. It has been proved that traditional skills are not suitable to handle supply chain complexity. What are the knowledge requirements of supply chain professional should possess and why?

Customer Desk, EMEA
Jul 28, 2018

Exceptional complexity in supply chain can be induced results in a high level wrong decision making. However, the exact relationship of vulnerability and complexity connected to people operating in supply chains are seldom understood. The best use of the human capital will be the essential success factor in supply chain management. The leading companies invested 44% more into their work force than their competitors.


Qualified professionals have ability to adapt themselves to constantly changing market conditions through responsiveness and agility. The future will belong to Agile, Digital and Big Data based on team work, flexible, flat-structured, quality focused, maintaining close links with their customers and suppliers, and operating globally.


Companies are ready to abandon their vertical functional organizational structure consisting in the traditional division into procurement, production and distribution activities. Instead, they will introduce horizontal and cross-functional frameworks that are capable of supporting process management.


The amorphous business environment poses a new challenge: the necessity to completely alter the approach towards supply chain management and towards professional improvement of those individuals who make decisions in that area.





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