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Over the years the enabling technology of Radio Frequency Identification or RFID has been an up and coming enabling technology.  The International Leader in RFID Certification, ISCEA, has been the gold standard for detailed certification in the RFID field.  Now the RFID Supply Chain story which effectively started with the Wal-Mart in 2004 over 10 years ago has now met the top of the S-curve or where businesses should be receiving value from this technology not testing the feasibility of this modern technology.

Also, ISCEA has chosen to update training for this important technology for decision makers and planners.  The traditional RFID training has focused on detailed training over 40 hours of classroom hours including hands on
training with equipment and has been focused on fitting the needs of the engineer, integrators and solution providers.  That training is valuable but given the extensive use of RFID in the modern world the time has come to empower Supply Chain personnel and decision makers to understand the basics and the economics of using this technology.

The ISCEA RFID Supply Chain Professional Certification has arrived. The training is focused on providing the essentials needed be Supply Chain professionals and decision makers to evaluate the economics and benefits of using the technology to improve companies efficiencies, productivity, and cost savings.

ISCEA, the premier provider for RFID certifications provides this new certification the ISCEA RFIDSCP and also it awards winning RFIDSCM Certifications to fit the need for everyone to understand this modern technology.



  • Invisible Inventory

  • RFID Monitoring & Security



  • RFID Standards

  • RFID Theory

  • RFID Components



  • RFID History

  • RFID Mandates

  • Economics of RFID



  • RFID and Data Security

  • RFID in Healthcare

  • RFID Research

Perfect Program For

Those getting started in the RFID domain

Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals and applications of this technology from a supply chain perspective

Anyone who wants to prove to the corporate world that you have the essentials to design an RFID program-economics, benefits, limitations and applications

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in supply chain management and technology and pursue further RFID advanced programs in the future

Course Includes

3 classroom hours led by an experienced supply chain management expert.


Study guide with all slides and exercises.


1 hour exam that focuses on the What  and Why for using this important technology.


Multiple choice exam (70% minimum pass mark)

About Course 



Delivery Methodology 

Online & Face To Face


Course Language 


Workshop & Exam Session Fee

US$ 495


Your credentials with the ISCEA make you an industry expert. Therefore, ISCEA requires that all its certification holders participate in continuing education to keep up with ever changing global supply chain body of knowledge and practice. You have invested time and money to obtain the ISCEA Credential. It is up to you to protect your investment by renewing your certification with ISCEA every three (3) years.

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